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Company Policy

AMBIARRUDA is a residues  management company, whose purpose is the recovery of metal residues, wholesale of metal scrap and residues, trade treatment trade and disposal of inert, hazardous and non-hazardous residues, collection of other non-hazardous waste, treatment and disposal of other non-hazardous residues.


AMBIARRUDA undertakes to carry out its activities, complying with and implementing good environmental regulations, as well as continuously promoting the improvement of its services, with a view to customer satisfaction and to the good performance of its integrated quality management system. environment.



The Management of AMBIARRUDA, states that:

  • It is committed to pollution prevention through the continuous improvement of environmental performance by identifying, characterizing and minimizing the negative environmental impact of carrying out the activities, taking into account their life-cycle approach;

  • It carries out the service with quality, respecting good environmental rules and safety and health at work, fulfilling its compliance obligations (legal and other applicable requirements);

  • Promotes the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste generated as a result of its activity;

  • Encourages the involvement of its employees in the implementation of the Policy and in the good continuation of the management system;

  • Works with your suppliers and subcontractors to improve their performance;

  • Promotes appropriate training to its employees and encourages them to develop good environmental practices at work;

  • Ensures customer satisfaction, identifying their needs and expectations and interacting permanently with the customer;

  • It performs the self-control of the work performed, adopting the necessary measures to prevent defect-enhancing errors, aiming to do well the first time;

  • Selects, tracks and evaluates the services of its suppliers;

  • It assures the continuous improvement of the management system, encouraging the identification of risks, opportunities and planning of actions to address these risks and opportunities, namely, evaluating the performance of the system, monitoring the objectives established by process.